Tea Specials

Tea Specials

We have been on a real journey at the Clock House discovering new and wonderful teas and we are really excited about sharing them with you. These have been the highlights of our tasting sessions  – this premium Darjeeling is a wonderful introduction to quality tea and the opposite to your Builders Brew. The oolong is fascinating, such an interesting flavour and colour and of course don’t forget the health benefits of an Oolong tea! Talking of health benefits, Puerh is an acquired taste and it might take a couple of sips to acclimatise to its earthy flavour, but just think of all those fat buring and cholesterol beating properties.


Margaret Hope FTGOPI First flush Darjeeling 2017 £3.25

The exquisite leaves of Darjeeling from one of the oldest and most famous estates are plucked straight after winter when the plants are bursting with succulent flavour. Fresh and fruity with hints of muscatel this is a truly exceptional tea

Tie Guan Yin Supreme Oolong £3

Also known as Iron Buddha this is the most famous of Oolong teas. This green oolong hails from the Fujian province of China and has a creamy rich, floral flavour. It is a deeply satisfying yet complex tea which can be infused many times

27 year aged Puerh £2.75

This premium aged puerh has a pronounced earthy aroma with spicy undertones

Raw 5 year aged Puerh £2.50

This wonderful Puerh is from Yunnan, an area that specialises in meticulous aging and fermenatation of tea. It has developed a rich and earthy flavour.