Drinks menu

Tea – all our teas are loose leaf and served with milk or lemon

English breakfast/ earl grey £2.50

Herbal & Fruit teas £2.70

Rooibos (red bush)


Moroccan green/mint blend

Cranberry & apple


Floral tea: a beautiful blend of China black tea with rose & passion fruit

Specialist teas £3.00

Orange pekoe Assam – black tea

Lapsang souchong – black tea

Gunpowder green tea – green tea

Fine & rare tea £3.30

Lanxi Mao Feng – green tea

Tie Guan Yin supreme Oolong – green tea


Pai Mu Tan – White tea

Margaret Hope First flush Darjeeling

Coffees – our coffe is served with a double shot for a full, rich flavour; a 60% Arabica & 40% Robusta blend

Espresso £2.30

American £2.30

Espresso Macchiato £2.40

Cappuccino £2.60/£3.00

Latte £2.60/£3.00

Flat White £2.60/£3.00

Cortado £2.60

Extra shot £1.20

Chocolate & more – made with real Belgian chocolate

Hot chocolate – (white or dark chocolate) £3.20

Add whipped cream & Marshmallows £0.50

Mocha – (hot chocolate with a double shot of espresso) £3.80

Soft drinks & Juices – all served chilled from the fridge

Cans: Coke, Diet Coke & 7up £1.80

Folkington’s Juices £2.70

(Orange juice, Cloudy pear, Cranberry or Pink lemonade)

Starkey’s Apple Juices £2.70

(Original Bramley or Discovery)

Water: Still or Sparkling £2.20

Belvoir Elderflower Presse £2.70

Home-made Lemonade £2.75

(made with freshly squeezed lemons)


Choices of flavours £3.75

2 scoops of real dairy ice-cream, fresh milk & your choices of flavours. Topped with whipped cream


Chocolate brownie

Raspberry cheesecake

Banana & toffee